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How old were you when you became a Furry?


Playing with Magic
Has anyone else started getting exposed to the fandom through those blog-forum sites where you role played a pack full of sparkly colorful emo wolves?:”)
Those were a very big factor for 10-13 years old me, made me create my first ocs, then I thought hat it would be cool to draw those as partially human and then I sort of found out that other people do that too?


Amazingly I just lurked for years until just last week. I mostly read comics and supported some artists I like. I was a closet furry lol.

Stray Cat Terry

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Not suspected, 14.

Suspected, 16.

Confused, 18.

Confirmed, 20.


Has anyone else started getting exposed to the fandom through those blog-forum sites where you role played a pack full of sparkly colorful emo wolves?

Not me, but now I totally want to start a band called Sparkly Colorful Emo Wolves.


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Some time in elementary, can’t remember the exact age. Maybe 12 and onwards :)


Erick Nordstrom
I was 13 when i first discovered the fandom, made my first fursona; a chinese dragon, at 14.


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I think around the age of 13. I was looking up pokemon art on google and it lead me to some furry content and I got hooked on the art.

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I've probably been a furry for my whole life lol but much more prominently from the 2010s. I always gravitated more towards anthropomorphic characters, probably because it made human emotions more easier to understand for me. I think I was around 12/13 when I first found out about the existence of furries. I didn't actually start participating in the fandom until I became an adult, though.


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I both found about furries and considered myself as one at the age of 13, but the experience went bitter quickly and I eventually brushed it off at a phase. Remaining as a lurker for the following years and having certain things make me consider "woah, maybe you are a furry?" led me to rejoin the community at my current age, 19! I even created a fursona for myself this time, and I'd like to think that now I've finally come to terms with this fact.

My initial issue with the fandom was that while I've always admired certain aspects of it, there were many others that I didn't identify with at all (which seemed a little more central to the fandom than those aspects I personally enjoyed) and I just felt like maybe this wasn't the thing for me. Nowadays I still tread across that border, but I like to think that my people are part of this fandom too, it's really just a matter of not giving up hope and appreciating the wonderful things the community is capable of creating!


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I was 16. Gonna be my 4-year anniversary exactly one month from now!


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I always had an affinity for anthropomorphic characters, but I think I only really thought of becoming part of the fandom when I was 19. I didn't know the fandom existed until I entered my college years. As of this writing, I'm almost 29.

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Wait I thought of Something. As kids I and my Brothers would often roleplay as characters from animated shows, as you do, and there was this show in particular (I can't remember what it was called) that was set in Africa, there was a boy and his sidekick was a talking hare, and since I was the second born, I would play the talking hare sidekick. Maybe that had an influence.


Probably lurking.
I was around 17 when i finally accepted it myself, but for a few years prior i was finding myself admiring more and more anthro art, finding that I related more with anthro characters in shows and in games, even opting to play anthro characters in games given the chance. so one day it kinda just dawned on me.