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How old were you when you discovered it?


I've always liked anthropomorphic characters, but I believe that I was around 13/14ish when I found the general fandom :3
I believe my interest in anything anthropomorphic, animals in general, and transformations generally led to me finding out i was totally a furry -nod- :3
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well i was about 14 im 21 now i dident get into it tell about 3-4 years ago

Culebra Kai

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I first got into the fandom when I was 13-14, right around the time I found it.


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It's amazing how many people find the fandom at around 14.


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I only found it...or maybe it found me...a couple years ago. I wanted to rp with characters who happened to be animals and didn't think much of it because they were like people. I dunno if there's a well defined definition of a furry, but I think I've always been one. I've always liked movies and tv shows with anthropamorphic animal type characters.


Yu know, I was thinking it was it my early 20s, (I'm 33 now) but in reality, it was in my mid teens (15-16 yo) when I decided to have an anthro identity; I remember my first "fursona" was that of a sharkman. My inspiration came thanks in part to me watching Saturday morning cartoons, i can;t remember the title of the actionc artoon series, but it was from the same people that created the "Thundercats" and the "Silver Hawks" (Ah, remember those, huh?); also, my idea can from when I used to read a lot of Surfer magazines and the MAUI mascot (an anthro Great White Shark) was my inspiration as well.

The leader of their group was a guy that turned into a Shark guy and I based my fursona off his character and his name was Jonathan Black and he was a Mercenary. A+Eventuyally, I grew out of it and then my fursona evolved into "Alex", my Siberian Tiger fursona, however, I keep my original fursona tucked away, in case I want to being him back.


I was 14 when I found out about the fandom. and having a nerdy side to my actions I researched it and found out more about furries. liking what I saw I decided to join in on all the fun. and that's what it has been just a ton of fun since day one no drops no loss. I was actually very depressed before I found the fandom (I had nothing to look forward to.) and it really cheered me up.
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I ... some how... escaped realizing that there was a fandom until college, when my friends introduced me to it. I was like... 19 or 20 at the time. But I'd been drawing furries since time began and had been using an anthro pokemon board and reading Redwall and all sorts of stuff. AND I DIDN'T KNOW THERE WAS THIS FANDOM BEHIND IT ALL. DSFARGEG. I thought that I was the only person who was really into anthropomorphic animals like I was. -.-;;
I always feel like such an idiot for that. Oh well. :p


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not even a year ago.


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17, I was into furries though since 5.


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at about 12 i started thinking about anthropomorphic animals and such without even knowing the term "furry" and it was only about 2 months ago when i was 15 that i joined the fandom


I've always liked anthromorpophic art. I played Sam and Max and also read TwoKinds (its getting much better now than it was before) and Exterminatus Now.

I discovered the whole furry fandom thing about a week ago xD


Well i liked the furry stylin of Winnie the Pooh. Yep. that's weird isn't it :) Didn't really understand my passion for it until i was actively looking for shows featuring anthros, like extreme dinosaurs and animaniacs. Animaniacs eventually saw me seeing the Moon over Minverva episode. By then it was clear :)


I've been pre-exposed to the stuff all my life. Ever since I was a baby. I didn't know any difference and I still don't. Its just what you make of things that shifts you in your direction.


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I first discovered the term "furry" when I was...14 (I think).

Edit: Now that I think about it, it was probably a couple of years earlier than that...
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I think I was 15-16 when I discovered it. I'd been using a fursona for a few years though.


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Nice, everytime nearly same age...
14-15 i think...

But joined into forum: 2 days ago :p


I think I discovered it and realized I was a furry when I was about 15. I had been drawing furry art for a few years prior without even knowing it though hehe