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How or why did you join the forum?

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I joined because my friend told me that these kind of places existed. I was pretty lonely at the time since they had moved away some years prior and I didn't talk to people pretty much at all because who would want to know a fanatic dragon loving guy anyway. ^.=.^; So this was really my first taste of social media and I lurked around for a couple days before taking a chance, but luckily there was a kind skunk along with a few other friendly faces to help build my confidence. Though I'm still not much of a talker, but it's nice to peek in and lurk a bit from time to time.
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Was feeling pretty lonely a year ago been dipping my toes in furry community through youtubers and decided why not maybe I'll make some friends


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Basically, I felt a bit lonely as a furry, had a desire for interaction with a bigger social group of fluffy/scaly/feathery folks. Can't get that IRL and this forum looked like a next best thing. I knew about its existence since a good couple of years, but the atmosphere in the past was... well, not friendly enough, let's put it this way. Then, at some point it started being moderated harder or something and its feel improved a lot. I was still hesitant to join, being *really* asocial online so far. But when I saw that people can share difficult matters here and get treated with respect, I made up my mind.

Have I changed from being here? Yes, I think it happened. As said, I was very asocial when it comes to online things, and my ways of communicating with people were a bit "unadjusted" in the beginning. I think I got it tweaked into quite a better shape with time.

And about Discord, I can't understand how did it manage to replace a lot of forums (as it seems). It's like replacing apples with oranges. I, for one, prefer to be able to write well-thought responses, and actually see what the others have said on the topic earlier. IM is not my thing at all, unless talking with someone I'm already on good terms with.


Believe it or not, I actually joined here as a joke. I never would have thought back in 2016 I would end up being here unironically...

I'm still here, for some reason. I don't really like to consider myself as a furry anymore, but on paper, I am one. Can't say I have any regrets with becoming an active member on here for the last 4 years.
I got curious one day. I just remembered that furries do exist and I wondered what they actually are. One thing let to another, and now I have been a furry for about one year and 3 months.


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I joined the forum, because I wanted to find a roleplay partner, but nobody seemed interested.:(
Yeah what you were looking for was a bit niche to say the least.


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I honestly joined because I was like hey I can maybe interact with others who share an interest. That’s it that’s the story




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I joined originally to get a better feel for the fandom after joining the FA forums. As well, I wanted to get some inspiration for my story I was writing. Ended up meeting some cool people on here and seeing some pretty interesting stuff. Now I mainly just stalk around in the shadows and see what's going on


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Now that I really think about it, I was first drawn to this website because I had previously been interested in fursuiting videos on YouTube a year or two ago. I thought they looked super cute and really fun to be in, so my interest in the fandom grew over time as those videos popped up every once in a while.

I decided to first engage with the community through another more obscure forum, actually- until I came across the FA forums, then I ended up here. Purchased my first commission from here, actually! From Guifrog.

So, yeah. The rest is history!


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unsurprisingly, the pokemon and furry community have a lot of overlap! i was hard into pokemon by 2010 (yes i was 8 years old) but i also was always delighted by cartoon animals and imbuing them with humanity. by the time i had steeped myself in dA pokemon rp groups in 2015 i realized that i was definitely a furry. (and later on many other things, like being trans and not being straight.)

never thought much of it though! i was always able to find myself in accepting enough communities and basically did what made me happy.

on to the actual question, though: initially i joined the forums in 2019 when i realized that furaffinity had forums, and i thought they were pretty neat. the start of my foray into internet culture was through roleplay forums (unsurprisingly, kids like to talk to people about their interests, and i had recently watched mlp; fim and unrestrained internet access at my fingertips), so i figured it'd be a fun place to hang out. but i also lowkey approached it as a business opportunity—as in, getting more commissions—since i was trying to get money saved up.

i've admittedly rejoined again with a stronger lean towards nabbing some commissions, but ever since moving my depression has lightened its load on me and i'm finding it easier and easier to socialize. i've always meant to further engage w/the furry fandom since it's always been a sidenote/sidefandom to spaces i've been in (pokemon, namely) since i realized on some level the cultures are different on every corner on the internet :)

sorry if that was a long ramble!! bitches wanna get paid but bitches also wanna get pals

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I am brand new and don't know any local furries or know how to connect with anyone in the fandom. The only one I have to vent to and be excited about everything with is my non-furry somewhat supportive boyfriend. Hoping to change that and connect with both IRL and online furries and get that community feel.

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Since i made myself an account a few days ago, i have spent a few hours reading and sometime answering to threads, and seeing some members talking about the way they feel or felt, their past and current situation and the fandom in general made me ask myself the following question:

How or why did you create an account in here and start using the forum? Like did you know it existed since a while and decided one day to join it for a specific reason, as an example? And do you feel like this new "flow of interaction/informations" did change you or the way you interact with others in any way? Or maybe the way you see yourself?

I must say that i'm curious about that because a lots of the things i did read in here made me look back at the past myself and think about my current situation from different perspectives. Some peoples in here seems to have been trough situations pretty similar to a few i went trough, and i found it very interesting to see the way they did see things and how things eventually went for them.

In my case, i did make my account after a few months of adventure and exploration in a way. I must admit that i have been socially inactive both IRL and on the internet for a very long while, we are talking about a 6 years long time in fact. And around 2 months ago, i don't know why but i decided to try to "connect myself back" with peoples, at least on the internet. To be truly honest, i was totally lost over the way i was going to achieve that and i had absolutely no idea over where should i go.

So since i knew that the fandom did exist and that i was kind of interested into it since a while, i basically checked the furry discord public servers and joined a few, to see what come out of it. Well, i will be honest, i felt out of place in those servers, even if i did stick to text channels because i was (and i'm still) not confident enough to actually start talking with random peoples, there was usually so many peoples typing at the same time that, for me at least, it started to look like a wall of random words, thoughts and emotes. I can't say it was a pleasant experience for me to be honest, i spent most of my time checking on google to try to understand the meaning of what i was reading or scrolling up to try to understand what they were talking about, and i could pretty much never find an opportunity to join the conversation.

After realising that public discord servers were maybe not the best spot for me to try to socialise, i decided to try to find a place that is a bit more calm, to see if the issue came from the fact that there was litterally thousands of peoples there. And that's pretty much how i made my account in here. Now, did those few days i spent in here affect me already? I guess you could say yes, it did. Both because i was amazed by some nice, light hearted or creative peoples and the thoughts they shared, and because i could read peoples typing about their past and thought to myself "that's exactly what i felt and what i could have said years ago", and honestly, seeing that most of those peoples seems to have improved their situation or managed to understand it and adapt themselves made me feel better. And i'm thankfull for this because i think it is why i actually dared to start this thread right now, which is something i don't think i would have done in other times.

Now, i would be curious to know how did some of you decide to join the forum, and what kind of experience you did get out of it.
I already answered but forgot to add that I had known about furaffinity and other sites like this for years before I realized "damn I am a furry" because I liked different artist's works. I was first sent over by Deviantart which started that rabbit hole.

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I... Don't actually know. One reason turned into another and now I feel like it's mostly to annoy everyone and I know I'm doing a great job at that. :D


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I joined back in 2015 when I was starting to get more active in the community and to find more friends alike. Which worked and I have made some epic pals. :)


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To meet new people. A better question might be why I stuck around so long. This place has had some dismal lows, fortunately, it's had it's high points as well.