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How should I cut my hair?


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I want to cut my hair short. My hair is long right now but I want to cut it short now. I hate medium hair it's really weird why but I am not going to say because I may start rantting if I do this. I am a girl and I want to good short girl hair.
hairs i have thought about:
Bill cipher's hair

Because it's just cute and I love it. I know it is a guy's hair cut but I think it would look awesome on mostly anyone.
uhhhh... I don't really have anymore because they mostly look all the same or look like the kind of medium style I hate the most. I also really really want to maybe cosplay bill one day. :oops:


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Depends on what gender you are.

For men:

For women:


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Ask a hairman. I mean that person who makes haircuts. It depends a lot on your face shape.


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Cut all of your hair off apart from a small 1-square inch patch in the middle and then glue a tennis ball to it so you become one of those tennis-poles to hit a ball around.


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Get a Mohawk, there's no possible way you'd regret it :v

Ask a hairman. I mean that person who makes haircuts.
You mean a hair dresser/stylist/barber? That said, hairman brings up an interesting image.
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Marine (jarhead) flattop. I did that once in the Air Force and they tried to write me up for an extreme haircut!

Go to the barber shops around a USMC installation for a good cut.