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how should i foam this head? (plastic canvas)


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http://s1339.photobucket.com/user/h...96-3566-000007C7C0A4E934_zps44ad3906.jpg.html I would first like to say please don't go through any other photos... you may be blinded :p anyway I found how to do this on a site and I don't see how they did the foaming (plus they were doing a coyote and im doing a panther) mainy cause of the angle she had it. so if someone could give me like a tip or a hint on what I could do? also in case you were wondering, yes I do have foam on the inside but the tutorial said to.


Step 1. Toss that in the garbage. I know it is sad to scrap a project. Plastic canvas is a very outdated method, and I have no clue how you would foam that. :( The muzzle looks like it would just droop and break with foam and fur added. I don't have much experience with the plastic canvas method, though. Someone else could help you better if you really want to keep that base.

Step 2. Use the all foam or balaclava methods. fursuit.livejournal.com is a GREAT resource. http://fursuit.livejournal.com/profile has a list of tutorials partway down that page.

Step 3. Learn that if you don't want anyone to see it, don't post it on the internet. (4 pages of pictures that were removed for terms of use violations? Holy cow man)


While that frame does need work it doesn't need to scrapped. You just hot glue the foam to the canvas, but you have to make sure the frame is sturdy first.