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How tall are you guys?


Fundamentalist Heretic
5'8", I'm tall for a girl. I wish I was short, short girls are the cutest.
Everyone says that, but I don't see why. I've been with short women, tall women and women in between and I've always had the best time with women who are about as tall as I am. Too short or too tall and it just gets awkward.


Puts the "fang" in "fangirl".
Too short or too tall and it just gets awkward.

Agreed. I've seen really tall guys with really short girls, and it just looks...uncomfortable. He has to, like, bend down to reach her hand.

Fortunately, my boyfriend's just a couple of inches taller than I am. :3


Fighter of the Nightman
Tall enough ;]

Taren Fox

Somewhere between 3 feet and 7 feet. I gotta' get a tape measure... >>

Kyle Necronomicon

Not a Person
6' 0" right now, but after my next hot zone I could be twelve stories high and made of radiation.

yeah Washington is awesome.

Sinister Exaggerator

Six feet, three inches on the borderline of four inches.


B is for Bull****