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How to come back to drawing?


So I have a slight problem (I hope I can talk about it here)
I have been on a "art break" for a many months. I don't even remember, when was a last time when I drew proper illustration. And I don't know how to come back to it. I tried to but after a few minutes I gave up.
Do you my art friends have any advice? I would like to back to it so I can be a part of this community much more :D


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Maybe go to one of the "Draw the person above you" threads? Its good for practice.
I'm also a roleplayer, so I'll draw rp scenes.


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Dude I used to have the same issue, I spent years only drawing for a grade but never practicing outside of it (which was bad at the time since I literally wanna do this as a job) but now. I wasn't improving, didn't care to improve all while having extreme anxiety over not improving.
I found my ambition through the people I met in the first year of my illustration program. They gave me the motivation to be a better artist and we're constantly building each other up and critiquing each other for the same reason. That's what worked for me, and I think on FA you can find a solid group of people that you really need to get you to where you need to be!! :)


We're in the same boat! It helps to have an art buddy to draw with. You can draw with strangers on something like Drawpile if you fancy that.
Drawing fanartcan be helpful, because you don't have to spend hours wracking your mind on what to draw. My go-to subject is always Pokemon.


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I had an injury for four years or so and drew 2-3 pictures during that time before giving up. Turns out that it comes right back to you. The advice I would give is drawing what you were used to, what you liked the most. I love doing portraits but avoid them because they're boring for an audience. Any time I do it though, it reminds me why I put up with all the tough parts of drawing.

Coming off the above art buddy suggestions, opening up a freebie thread might also be helpful since you'll be beholden to other people in the same way.