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Forum How to contact Admin for bday change?

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I literally just made my account here, and it's nearly 1am. In my tired stupor, I went to update profile info and noticed when making my account I messed up my birthday input!

I'm used to hitting 12-21-92, in that order, so I hit Dec-12-92 instead of 21.
Oops. Simple fix, I hope. Not a big deal, but I want it to be accurate.
Please point me in the right direction! Thanks! c:

I did try to do searches in the forums and had no direct hits for suggestions.


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Unfortunately, you can't change your birthday once it's been entered it seems, as it says so in your personal details section of preferences. You can, however, contact an admin for help if you really want it changed.


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I'll keep in mind to congratulate you anyway ^^'
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