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How to do you like to bust a nut?

How do you like to bust nuts?

  • Single Lever Tabletop Nutcracker

  • Plier-Style Nutcracker

  • Turn-Screw Nutcracker

  • Hands

  • Jaws

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Sam Akuchin Wamm

Roundworm In Goat Guise
i suppose hands is the closest


far to lazy to get things


On the dark side since 2011
I use a hammer.

Connor J. Coyote

¥otie ¥otezer
I've always liked these guys.


Well-Known Member
I grew up watching old kung fu movies where they crack open walnuts by squeezing their hands. It's always been a dream to do that, but I've only done it like that 2 or 3 times. I stopped using my hands for nuts in general after a pistachio seperated my thumbnail from my finger. x_X
I usually just pop a knife in and twist for walnuts.


Well, I like big black walnuts, which take a lot of handling. I have to put my nuts in one of these babies:


Works great, as I've never failed to bust a nut with this. The downside to using it is that the pressure really builds up right before hand, and all the nut goodness goes flying everywhere if you're not careful.


Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
Pity it doesn't have my option in the polls..

Just let the floor do the job!
*throws the nuts to the floor*

...There! ÚwÙ

Adrian Gordon

Active Member
How do you like to crack shells to eat nuts?
fist or knee if i'm not on best form.

i'm currently stationed at a walnut farm.
all the food has walnuts in it.
like the family that lives there i too like walnuts.
but my other officers are going stir crazy.

Chamelea Harding