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How to extend drone battery life?


New Member
Hi, guys, does anyone have experience with drones? I am beginner pilot and owner of Syma x8g. Battery can't hold more than 6, 7 minutes even with conservative flight mode and removed props and camera.

beginnerflyer.com: 10 Ways to Extend Drone Battery Life
www.fitdrones.com: How to Extend Drone Battery Life and have More Fun
mydronelab.com: How to Extend Drone Battery Life: Step by Step Expert Guide

I search through web, and read these articles but my battery life is still the same. Maybe it is problem in battery ? Experience pilots, give me your tips and tricks. Thank you!!


Flying the tiny skys
You need a bigger battery, lower pitch props, or to change your energy usage. I would recommend just buying multiple small batteries, just quick change. 5-6 minute flight times are pretty par for the course. I believe that is a brushed motor drone, no?