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How to fairly price animated gifs?


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Hello all. I had a question about fairly pricing animated gifs. Currently I'm charging per unique frame, but I understand that gets expensive very quickly even when im pricing these frames at a discounted rate. I was wondering if any other gif makers or animators had advice on what may be best practice on pricing a gif animation?

If you're needing more info on how I'm pricing that way to understand, I've got it listed below, but feel free to skip that if it's not your thing!

My current pricing is based on my rate per hour that I've figured out for myself compared to my average time to draw a frame of whatever type. (Ie sketch frames are about 2$ since they're quick to draw and don't require cleanup, but a fully rendered and shaded frame is about 33$. I warn against picking rendered frames since I know that gif compression tends to really mess with the colors). Then I charge per unique frame that I have to draw or modify. (Repeated frames aren't an extra charge). I guess I'm just wondering if perhaps I'm overcharging for this just because my own price tag psyches me out for longer gifs? The numbers seem high to the point of being inaccessible to most buyers but maybe I'm just underselling myself.

Anyway, thanks so much for any input, especially from anyone who does regularly do animated gif commissions! I just want to make sure I'm not short-changing myself while still beimg fair to my customers.