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How to Improve and draw like a Boss?


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So for the last few months I was trying to impress this one girl with my drawings of Pokemon and shit like that but things kind of broke apart and now I think I want to improve my skills for my self. I've been inspire with so many furry artists out there drawing like it was nothing and here I am the guy who never really liked art in High School all of a sudden want to get into this hobby. Sure I want to draw small and cutesy stuff too but man those NSFW artists are the bomb! Any recommendations or people who can hook me up and learn from the masters? Also all of my drawing are done on my iPad Pro using a Apple Pencil because digital is the way to go.


All the things you want to do but don't know how to do, you should attempt to do them. The way lighting looks in one picture, use it as reference and try to do it yourself. Look at anatomy charts to figure out how the body should look and in different positions and perspectives. The reality is, you can study it all you want but the only way it actually gets in your head is if your hand physically does it and once you know it, you just know it. You can't forget it or lose it. Your art can only continuously improve and with each "oh wow" moment where you successfully pulled off a certain thing, that's like leveling up.

If you're going digital, I want you to learn blending. It will be harder on an iPad because shortcut keys are very important in order to constantly sample back and forth the colors you're trying to bring together. But this is a way to essentially sculpt your painting and it will help you to learn form and volume and be able to experiment with light and shadow. Even if you don't want to do art like this, its going to help you in every way. For example, a cartoonist would want to learn realism because everything is an offshoot of realism.

I don't think you need a school or a book or a lesson plan, you simply need the drive to create something that you don't know how to create and the effort and time put into trying your hardest to reproduce it. For me I was like, how did he get the fur to look like that? Drove me crazy, my fur looked like garbage, but having goal post is what made sure my art didn't stagnate and always improved.

You'll definitely not get it right away and you'll probably feel completely discouraged because you can't make anything work but I promise you that you'll improve dramatically as long as you realize all the faults in your work and constantly attempt to fix it in the next picture. It's a snowball effect of improvement.