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How to install virtual os on another partition?


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I already made a thread about how I'm in the market for a new pc and am just waiting for my money to come in two weeks from now to buy the parts.

However my question is about virtualbox. I've used virtualbox in the past, but with my current computer it's not powerful enough to play games or such inside a virtualbox at a reasonable quality.

My question however is when I get my new pc all set up and such is there a way to have windows 7 in virtualbox run off a actual partition? What I mean by that is the operating system has a actual partition and I can just run it inside ubuntu? Also is there a way to set it up so that if something happens to ubuntu that it won't take the windows 7 partition with it and if I need to reinstall ubuntu I can reinstall virtualbox and the windows partition will be fine?

I know I don't have a good record with ubuntu in the past, and even though it's been months since I've severly fucked up I don't want to risk something going wrong with ubuntu on my new computer and losing all my windows stuff.

Also a quick question will using steam or adobe cs6 on windows in virtualbox be breaking any of the terms of service? I don't know if it is or not, that's what I'm worried about.