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How to Make Fursuit Horns?


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So I've been working on a fursuit of my fursona for a while and I'm not sure how I should make the horns.

I'm using a balaclava base and don't have much to attach the horns so I need some horns that are lightweight, and I would like them to look close to what I usually draw my fursona with.

I started off thinking I should make them from paperclay, but I used it once in the past and it broke once, and I've heard it would get destroyed if it ever got to wet. I'm not planning on getting my fursuit wet or being rough with the horns but it would be nice to not have to worry about the horns getting destroyed.

I thought I would make the horns out of faux leather so I made a prototype horn and I like it for the most part except for how visible the seams are, is there some way I could make them less visible? I thought of using some type of 3D fabric paint to cover them but I'm not sure about it and don't want to ruin the one horn I have made.

I'm still not even sure if I should use the faux leather idea. I might end up ditching it. I'm just really unsure of what to do since this is my first fursuit and the first time I've made horns.

Is there a different way I could do this without the faux leather and still have lightweight horns? Or a way that I could do this with faux leather and have the seams much less visible?

Here's a picture of the horn I've made so far and some in progress photos of the fursuit head
copperdragoness.deviantart.com: Fursuit Progress #7
Fursuit Progress by CopperDragoness on DeviantArt

Any feedback/constructive criticism is much appreciated! Thanks!


I feel like the horn you've made looks really clean and good, the seams doesn't seem to take away anything from the look. I used faux leather for a pair and it gives such a nice texture and aesthetic, I think it works well for horns and yours looks great!

I used some foam swords and gently pushed a thick, bendable piece of wire through each in order to bend them into the curled shape I was looking for, trimmed the foam down to be less sword-shaped, and then covered the foam in faux leather. I chose these because they were already the same size and shape, and very light weight. I've yet to figure out how to mount them (as the head they're going on is partially a skull and the base won't be hidden by fur) but I'll get there eventually. :p


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If your making small horns, I reccomend sculpey oven bake clay. For large horns, I reccomend foam and wire ( Like snoo suggested )


Sculpey would have the same chipping problem as paperclay, and be much heavier--sealing the paperclay should protect it from moisture, and maybe even some scuffs and scratches. But what you've got looks really good--I wouldn't worry about it too much!