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Guidelines: How to Properly Handle Adult Content

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Greetings, it has come to my attention there's been an number of adult content violations and I feel that some people simply don't know the proper procedure to handle them. Therefore I have given some clarification to help you. Keep in mind that if your links lead to adult offenses, you will get warned nonetheless. So keep in mind the following.

Clarifying Adult Content handling: You may ONLY link to age gated pages, such as an FA submission, not its file or any site that does not require your birth date to enter. The linked site needs to require a login, and an account that requires you to enter your birthdate for it to be a valid link. Keep this in mind when posting art.

Posting a link to FA submission (properly rated): GOOD
Posting a link to a site that requires login and age gates its content if you aren't old enough: GOOD
Writing vague descriptions of NSFW scenes or elements: GOOD
Writing detailed, graphic descriptions of NSFW scenes or elements: BAD
Hiding NSFW content within spoiler: BAD (Anyone can click it)
Posting direct link to FA file: BAD (This isn't age gated)
Embedding the image: BAD (Obviously everyone instantly sees it)
Posting a link to a site that warns you it is adult but no login required: BAD (This doesn't confirm age)

Basically, when I or another staff member look at you thread, we will check the links for any adult content that any minor could view. Please double check your posts. The forums are PG-13 and there's no adult only forums at this time.

I am posting this thread here in the meantime but please expect some stickies to change a bit and some other organization between me and the other staff. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
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