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How to shill yourself?


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Just for clarification: I am not asking about the best ways to become popular. I've trudged through many a thread and discussion on that topic, and it is increasinly obvious that the only real way to do so is to just keep on trudging.

No, my question is more specific: what is the best, least ass way of advertising yourself? Like, for example, how do you properly shill the fact that you're doing commissions, or accepting Patreon donations, or whatever else, without coming across as either beggy or just overall an ass? What are some pitfalls that you might fall into in that sense, what's best not to do, and what is something that is probably fine despite how it feels?

I absolutely hate shilling myself because it makes me feel awful. I would much rather just keep on doing art. But additional monetary income is, unfortunately, becoming a bit of a necessity lately and I'd appreciate knowing if there's any advice on how to do it properly.


This is highly platform-dependent IMO. Things that are normal in one place might be seen as annoying or even be restricted elsewhere, e.g. on twitter it's normal to retweet your own stuff because people often miss things and the site has no gallery to browse older work, but on other sites the buildup of notifications might start to piss people off and there are often rules about reposting. On the other hand if you post on a dedicated art site or youtube it might be normal to list your links in the description when you upload, but it's less common on social media where it can get pretty cluttered and people sometimes suspect their algorithms of punishing it. I think you'd just have to set it up on a case by case basis and look at what others are commonly doing there.

Keeping a clean profile, pinned post, journal, etc. with your links easily accessible is usually a good idea across the board though.

Judge Spear

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Just a simple thing I do.
When commissions open, I make an original image specifically to advertise it. People wil catch a picture of a big tiddy bunny before they see a text Tweet that says "Commissions open".

As far as Twitter is concerned, make sure you DONT put a link anywhere in your ad tweet. Put your contact and comm info links in your bio and have the image direct people to that. Twitter commonly suppresses links in Tweets.

As for gallery sites, its really the same thing. I dont use FA, but journals as announcements are the last things I'd use.

If people give you grief for trying to make money, ignore them.