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How to tell your parents that u are a furry


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I am a furry and I am want to tell them or just anyone in my family I am also being a little stressed about it as well and I don't think that's normal and im trying to decide to tell anyone or not.


keep in mind that is not a sexuality it's just a hobby and a interest okay? You don't really need to tell them just let them find out on their own


I told my mom I'm going to an art convention in August shrugs I mean it's kinda true
It's a hobby, doesn't matter if they know or not. If the thought of telling em stresses you out, like it does me... cuz I don't want to have to defend or explain it.. then just don't.


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My parents have no idea what furries are, my mother sees my drawings (sfw) and she's like: awww cute animals :D
But I don't see a need to sit with them and explain. What for?


I just told them that I was going to an animal mascot costume convention that was a mix of what people do with the Easter Bunny and sports mascots.

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I think it depends on what your parents are like.
I straight up told my mom I wanted to take possibly NSFW writing commissions for furries. She was like, "Whatever pays!" (she's a screenwriter and she's written a lot of dumb stuff for people).
I don't think she was surprised when I began to express genuine interest in the SFW side of the fandom, since I've always enjoyed media featuring anthropomorphic animals. She's really supportive of my fursuit-making, too.


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First, think of how your parents might react if they learned this. Most people from their age group don't know what furries are in the first place, but if they're the type to react really poorly if you step out of the norm, it might be best to keep it to yourself.

If you've decided that it's fine if they know you're a furry, just do what you like even if they're around (unless it's nsfw of course). Answer questions if they ask.

You don't have to announce it, and doing so will just make it look like more of a big deal than it actually is.
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Buy a fursuit and livestream their reaction as you come out to them.


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You don't need to "come out" as a Furry. It's not a sexuality. It's a hobby.


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I wouldn't suggest telling someone about it unless there is no need or you get asked directly about it. Being openly excentric is something for rich guys or people who don't care about their social status anymore.


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If it does come up, low key it, like it isn't a big deal. Just treat it like being into anime or Star Trek or something.
I have not told my parents because they have no idea what it is and they probably do not care any way. They know that I like to draw anthropomorphic animals but they don't find it weird or anything as it is a style that they are familiar with through Disney and other animation studios. Being a furry is not the same as being gay or trans. It's not important for people to know that you are furry. Being a furry is more like being a weaboo. Some call it a hobby others call it a lifestyle. Anyways most peoples parents probably do not know what it is. I assume many people here are born around early and late 1990's and have parents that were young adults in the 1980-1990's at that time the furry fandom was not that large. Of course if you are American your parents have maybe seen weird things about the furry fandom on TV in the 1990's. However, they probably do not link anthropomorphic art to that event, they are much more likely to link it to Disney or kids program. I live in Norway where very few people over 30 knows what a furry is. If they do know what it is its because they are furies themselves. I think I've made myself clear enough. I guess I could have said it more simple.


I think I wrote this in another thread but, try creating a fake facebook account, add your mom to your contact list and start sending them furry pics to turn her into a furry, and then, get her into F-list, roleplay with her, and then when she's all in touch with furry stuff, tell her that her secret internet friend was you.

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Well, I just sat down and told them about it. Easy and simple. They didn't really get it but didn't mind either. It's like a weird hobby to them rather than a lifestyle or anything but that's fine with me.


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I told my mom I'm going to an art convention in August shrugs I mean it's kinda true
Sure. I mean, most Bad Dragon dildos could probably pass as exotic sculptures anyway.

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You don't have to tell them, just like how I haven't told mine I'm gay nor a furry.
Since really, there's no shame in it.

Only time I "came out" was when someone asked me if I was a furry directly, which even then I just pointed at my discord profile picture.
Then again I make jokes about anything, including furries so I can prob see the confusion, especially since I had an Incineroar profile pic at one point.


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It’s an interest and a hobby. The cagier you are about it the more negative people respond. How do you tell them you like other things? How do they find out what music you like and such? It’s no different.

My mom knows I draw animal things sculpt animal things watch every blessed movie with a talking animal in it I swear, wore cat ears throughout high school, etc. I’ve always liked them, this is just stuff I like and do. It’s not a big deal and nobody cares, including my grandma. They’re mostly proud I found a way to make a little spare money off my interest.