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how to use half controller and mouse at the same time ?

So im slowly learning or want to learn on keyboard and mouse but i would like to use the left analog stick for movement and use the mouse for aiming (modern warfare 2019)
is there any kind of mod to do this or is it kinda impossible to do ?


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Ultimately it depends on how well the game juggles multiple input types -- some games will respond to mouse inputs even when using a USB gamepad...


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Keyboard and mouse are a bit difficult to learn at first but once your brain gets the muscle memory it comes naturally (and much faster than you think!). My advice is to practice on a game that isn't too fast paced, try an RPG or a platformer if you have any and you'll get the gist in a week or maybe two.


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I have thought about doing this before actually. The precision movement of the left hand joystick with the pinpoint accuracy and aim of the right handed mouse. I've only had some luck with flight sim joysticks but that's after heavily messing with the settings of the joystick. It is nice though that the joystick usually comes with a lot of buttons to bind to many things.