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How to wear a collar


Red collar= black clothes
Black collar= white clothes
Blue collar= I <3 Jeff Foxworthy shirt


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Wear a lot of leather with it, leather biker jacket, leather pants, boots etc. If you're lucky people will misconstrue you as a metalhead/punk instead of a pervert.


Just wear a fursuit and a giant horse-dick strap-on.

People will totally understand you.


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I've found that matching the color of the collar with the clothes, so it blends in is the way to go. If you are wearing a black collar, you want to be wearing some black clothes.

If you wear a red one you want some red in your outfit. It's basic color matching really.

Pretty much this.
Just match it with the rest of your outfit, and it should be fine.


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I'd have to see you and the collar. It depends on what looks good on you.


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As a male, you'll probably look retarded in it no matter what you go with :V

But go with what Trpdwarf said. They don't look too bad when blended into the outfit, and depending on the type of collar you have, you might be able to pull it off.

I think really thick collars look kind of stupid, specially on people with skinny necks for example. You don't want it to be too obvious. It should blend in.


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I don't wear a collar but I'm with the other's that says Black goes with everything. I personally wouldnt wear a collar in public but maybe a fursuit :>


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Body Disobedient Slave Massage ! Also comes with rape.
Oh yes it goes nice with it.
Slave collars are sexier than furry collars because they are big and made to be tied to a tree :3

Rape is the main course.

Comes with a side of smack-a-bitch.
Rape is the main course.

Comes with a side of smack-a-bitch.
New sale idea: Friend brings friend.
Tame your own rape victim and bring a friend to rape one of it's own!
Does not cover with mental illnesses such as wanting to be someone's pet.
That's not really a bitch :[ .
In fact I would rather have a flat slave :D