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How to Wear a Partial Well?


I've commissioned a fullsuit but it looks like it won't be completely ready for the convention I was hoping to debut it at, I was pretty heartbroken learning this, so I asked the maker if I could pay to rush just a partial to have in time for the con and still get the full suit later on.

My question is, how do you partial without making it look awkward? I see a lot of partials with a giant head, hands, and feet, and skinny little arms and legs :D I'm a very tiny person (5'5", 100 lbs) so I want to avoid this error. Any tips for a newbie?

How do you decide to dress your character? Especially when they're typically portrayed without clothes.

My character for reference:



First off, your character is adorable!
Ok back on topic, I would say to get clothing that closely matches with your character's patterns (or in your case you can get white clothes and manually draw or sew on the designs to the best of your ability) and try to put some padding in places where you think are awkward (skinny arms, legs, bust, etc).
If the head you ordered doesn't come with that amazing neck fluff you got there, then I'd either suggest doing without it or making your own with different colored yarn and brush it out, making a puffy hair look and glue it to the outfit I mentioned above.
I mean, it's only for a con, but if you're going to stay overnight, I'd suggest bringing extra materials like glue, yarn, etc just in case something falls off or gets ruined!

In the end, if these methods are too much or don't work, you can always wear normal clothes and use the padding method I mentioned!

Connor J. Coyote

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You may need to wear some baggy clothes with it; hoody, sweats, etc... as that usually makes someone look larger, (especially if you have a large head to wear).. and this could help even it all out.