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How was this decade for you

Ra'ara Su'nai

The golden-voiced fox
Well, started it in vo-tech, where I got my first taste of freedom from my toxic grandparents(grandma's the worst) and met some great friends while there, who I have unfortunately lost contact with. Was shown what became my favorite movie by a great friend online, with whom I am still friends to this day. Joined the working force, got my first full-time job, which allowed me to get my own car. Went to my first two anime conventions, and at the first one I got my physical copy of my favorite movie signed by one of the main character's voice actors, and at the second one, got it signed by ANOTHER of the main character voice actors. Went to my first furry convention, got my first partial suit(still waiting for the gloves to be remade though because they didn't fit the first time.) Planning to go to MFF this coming December, but I gotta find roomies. Also discovered my favorite music artist, Jordan Sweeto and my favorite song of his, and overall, Evil Little Genius.

On the bad side of things, lost my grandpa almost a year ago to a massive stroke(yeah, he got on my nerves, but he was a great guy) had Lyme's Disease(If you suspect you have this, go to the ER. You'll get the blood test results in an hour or two, not weeks later) had my gallbladder removed in an emergency surgery, still have to live with the most toxic individual on the planet(my grandmother, who just yesterday insisted I hand over the money I got from donating plasma so she can pay for the TV, that I rarely use, so she can sit on her ass and watch FOX News all day. Yeah, literally demanding BLOOD MONEY!) had my first ever date(yeah, pitiful that my first date was at 28 years old) with someone who turned out to be a gold digger, and still nowhere near having enough money for a down payment on a house. Mark my words, though, I will have my own home before 2020 ends!

So it's been a mixed barrel of good and bad. I don't really think I can say that one outweighs the other, though grandma demanding blood money is almost a deathblow to the positive side of things.


Whelp, lots happened for sure. . .
Made it to my twenties this year but not without its rough patches (who am I kidding everything is rough). I made it past high school but haven't jumped into the college life yet, I tried out for the USMC and almost died, and now I'm just currently back at home living with a toxic household and working to move out hopefully by the end of this year.
I still plan on getting my mechanical engineering degree somehow, and I'm also still working on my art skills (still very new) so probably will go take some art courses as well. Not sure how I'll pay for it all and if I can even manage the stress, I've always had mental issues but as always I'll make it out alive!


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I get a warframe to main other than Zephyr. I don't think it will happen since Zypher master race.


Rawring 20's.

Weird to think about, but now that you mention it, this decade is the only decade I've been like, conscious or sentient.
Not a lot of memories pre 2010's, I was too young
Fun fact: I remember the first student I had that was born in the year 2000, and got excited that it was new and different.

I was already working in the years you don't remember being alive.

Man, I'm old.


Hello, Proto
Had a breakup from a relationship spanning almost since 2010 and now with my new boyfriend @Bink who makes me quite happy.
Tbh even though we've dated less than a year so far, he's made it a good decade.
Love you <3

Some Moron

The world didn't end in 2012, I've learned of 'furries', and I'm now lacking a few brain cells. Overall, I'm disappointed.
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This decade:

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The Matte-Black Cat

Dark/Psychic-Timid Nature-Often lost in thought
Absolutely lost most of my faith in humanity. I became 90% misanthropic in 2014 and plan on staying that way..

Ups and downs with relationships. I tried making myself asexual to avoid dating...I failed miserably..and I know, it's probably something no one can literally Make themselves be. I've always envied asexuality ever since, and I love my ace friends so much :)

I've become almost exactly who I wanted to be (comparing to who I wanted to be nearly a decade prior - when I was a tiny person..), but much more dark than I expected. It just gradually happened within the past three years.

I've started a video game collection..Caused me to be broke for a bit, but I'm almost done - so it was definitely worth it..

Idk what to expect these next ten years...Tbh, the Earth becoming even more worse and intolerant. Not to sound sad, but overall - I'm a realist and I feel like that's where it's heading.
This decade has been quite a trip. Finished high school, had started college at one point, went to Job Corps, landed a job that I'm trying to move on to the next from. All in all I can't say it was bad. 2010 feels like it was 3 lifetimes ago and I've come a long way since then. I know myself better than ever, got started working towards my dream of supporting myself with art and of transitioning. I've meet so many wonderful people and hope I can continue to stay in touch with the few of them that I still talk to and hang out with more or less on the regular.
So while I definitely won't miss the 2010's, I don't regret them on a personal level either.


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It was all downhill from the start.

But things have gotten/will be better in the last 1-2 years when 2020 comes. I've done a lot of growing; I know myself, what I want and how to achieve my goals more than ever.


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Ah, let's hurry up and end 2019. :p
But seriously, the only year everything apparently started to get better was 2016. The other 9 years were bunk.
I wish the 2010s will not be some sort of "formative years" for me. I certainly don't want my life to be defined by a series of embarrassing, uncomfortable, and shocking events.