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How would you approach this?

Lobo Roo

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If this is in the wrong forum, I'm sorry....I couldn't decided whether it should actually go into the art forum or not, since it wasn't actual discussion of art, but of a commission situation.

Ok, anways, situation is this: Around Thanksgiving, I commissioned and paid in full for a reference sheet from a very good artist, who as far as I can tell, isn't one to actually crap out on a commission or anything. The thing is, at the time, she told me it might be slow in coming, but that she would have it to me by Christmas. So, it's near the end of January, and I have gotten one very basic, general sketch to approve (which I did) and that's all. But in the meantime, she opened up commissions for Christmas art, and took and finished those commissions - even though they were taken well after mine, by 2-3 weeks at the least.

Now, I'm a pretty lenient person on this stuff, because I understand that things come up, and things end up taking longer than you expect. But I haven't heard a word from her since that one sketch, and even then, there was nothing said on why the done-date she gave me would have changed, because I didn't even get the sketch until after Christmas.

So - how should I approach her about this? I don't want to sound accusatory, or even very annoyed, because I'm not - I'm just curious as to what progress is, and what exactly is going on. I don't want to seem like I'm pestering her, but since it's been over a month since she said she'd have it complete, and no explaination for why it isn't...it seems like it's at the point where I could legitimately 'bug' her about a status report.

Am I being too lenient? When she first said it wouldn't be done until Christmas, I told her I wasn't in a rush, and that I didn't mind the wait...did that come across as that I didn't care if my commission kept getting pushed to the side for other people's things? Because that isn't what I meant...:/ I'm perfectly willing to wait my turn in the commission que, but I don't want to be shuffled around because they think I can be drug along while they do other, less patient, people's commissions. Should I say I need it by some sort of 'deadline' to maybe see if she's just kind of ignoring it because she thinks she can?

I mean, she is a very good artist, and I've only ever heard good things about her, so I don't think she's the type to scam...


if you paid for it, you have every right to be as annoyed or annoying as you want to be, but just try asking her for an update
First thing just ask when it will be done and remind her she said it would be done by xmas.Now for my rant,this is one thing that pisses me off about furry artist thay seem to be all keen on taking heaps of commissions and then taking months to do them.
If your going to do commissions then do the fucking things in a fair time and dont take orders for more when you have some that have been waiting 6-12months.
I dont buy commissions anymore its just not worth the risk of not getting the art

Lobo Roo

turtles natures suction cups
Well, the reason I haven't asked her about it is because I asked before when I was still waiting on the sketch...and she didn't really give me an answer, but did get me the sketch. Also, she has kind of this commissioner's contract that says she prefers not to pestered unduly about the commission...but I guess at this point, it isn't unduly, because it's over a month late at this point. :/


You're not pestering if you just inquire politely about the status of your commission. I need to do this myself around the end of the month. c.c


Her credibility for the "late arrival" of your commission ended when she finished the Christmas commissions she offered, unless those commissions were significantly simpler to complete than yours (e.g. icons versus a full blown reference sheet).

I would personally suggest sending a note/email in the same style as you have in the past (if you type colloquially, no need to suddenly sound professional or business-esque and vice versa. It will make you seem like you are either pressuring or hiding something) and speak only of the status of your commission. Make no mention of the whole Christmas commissions. Just asking a simple question will do. From there you can become as belligerent or friendly as you wish.

Ceceil Felias

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I once dealt with a commission that took around 6 months to complete, mainly because A. the artist was under a lot of stress and was going around quite a lot, so was often without sufficient access to a computer (this also resulted in very sporadic updates in general), and B. because it was a rather large reference sheet in addition.

I was rather concerned and at times annoyed on more than one occasion, but it was still very nice in the end, so I'm not complaining. :O