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How would you describe your style?


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In one word...uh...erratic would be a proper word. My style always seems to change, from the way I structure my characters to the way I color them with color pencils or photoshop. In a way, something from each picture is, at least, a little different from the previous one. This is definitely because I basically spend half my time on Furaffinity and other sights prancing about the galleries of new works to discovers new elements to incorporate into my style. Though, it always seems to stay the same. So, in a nutshell, my style could be described as erratic, yet safe.

And you?

I don't think I have a style yet.. I'm too busy exploring all the possibilities to run myself into a rutt.


not the frilly overly shoujo kind, it's actually a combination of a couple specific artists, but at the same time.. you could probably hold them next to each other, and not notice the similarities, unless you were looking for them (especially since I build up the character differently.. and it's not usually human)

I also draw a lot of like.. monsters, these are based off old animatronics and videogame concept art

but sometimes I draw in a more animation-like style... that's kinda just developed as a "what can I stand to draw several hundred times?" thing

video games, old movies and gay Japanese comic books rip-off, I MEAN INSPIRED


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ADD Positive. :B Very loose, kind of sloppy, and is usually done after about two hours regardless of how it looks.


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Hrrm... Somewhat controlled, A little detail oriented, but sloppy all the same. I don't pay that much attention to what I'm doing and make mistakes. D:
I'm getting better about it, though, but still. It irks me. I'll notice problems after inking... rarrrgh, whatever.


I'd like to call mine unnielicious or rinnylicious, beg my pardon, thank you very much. I think the most unique trait about my art is the eyes. I love eyes.



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I describe my style as an epileptic that just tried to plug a wet fork into the electrical socket while simultaneously holding a pencil, pen, and or paintbrush.


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Um, let's see.
I suck at realism anddd... that's why my style is rather cartoony. X'3 And pretty anime-influenced, too. I mean, I use all these anime-ish expressions, sweatdrops and so on :0

Victoria Viper

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I'd describe my style as exaggerated and esoteric. I plump up certain anatomical bits too big, and my work is generally too weird to appeal to a large audience. XD

Blue Snowangel

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Umm... I think it's uniquely mine. Not quite toon, nor manga, not quite semi-realism. Defiantly not Disney or other major studio influenced. Something happily Blue that's always being refined somehow. I guess if I had to toss a label on it, neo-toon.

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Mine is very 'toon, though some small aspects of it suffers due to me not having access to programs like Photoshop, Flash, Corel Painter, and other b-b-b-b-b-b-budget breaker software (And instead using OpenCanvas 1. Amazing, eh?). Like those crazy vector lines. Amazingly though, my lines are getting close to that area, yet the large lines suffer.

I am able to do realistic works as well. And while I'm at it, I've yet to find a tutorial on rendering realistic fur; that's my main trouble area. :(


naturalistic/realistic while leaning heavily against a colourful wall of franco-belgian comic art, drops of anime and Larry Elmore's funny comics running down that wall.

when I started doing art (or rather, draw my fuzzy rpg characters) I also aimed to do my own art style, hoping one day people would recognize it immediately. I can't say how much I have succeeded in the last 17 years, but there. I also like humourous, funny, playful sceneries, and try to create those myself if I can help it. romantic? of course. erotic? at once, sir!
or ma'am. :)



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One thing I do know is that when I look at other art for inspiration I tend to ruin my pictures. The only way I can get a good image is to just let it flow from my mind....trying to take a style from someone else (like I did when I first started drawing) ended up in frustration and a crappy image.

When I think of my own style from a critique point of view....I see a medium between cartoony and realistic. I am very happy with my drawing style and over time I tweak it slightly. One of my favorite things to do is to make lots of definition in the fur when doing the line art, giving it a fluffy yet crisp look.

I think it is hard for artists to describe their art styles, since its just the way they get things down onto another medium....it would be like trying to tell someone what your handwriting looks like over the phone...not easy. I am always surprised when people tell me they like MY style. I had a style people could differentiate?


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I have no words to describe my style but "metamorphic" and untrained. It's constantly, CONSTANTLY changing in weird, unimaginable ways that I can't really understand.


Still cartoony and bad, hope improves with practice...


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My art is, what everyone says, "cute". X3

I'm trying to break out of that, though. Sometimes I try to draw something serious and it ends up being cute. >_<


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developing... improving... spastic...


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I'd describe my work more as representational than realistic. I know that a lot of people think my work is very detailed, but in reality it is more that I have a very tight and clean style that creates the illusion of more detail than is there. As far as color palettes go I have a strong preference for using purple and violet tones and steering away from using black except absolutely necessary!


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My art style is kinda of a melting pot. It employs 3 different elements: Realism, anime, and cartoon/comic book art work. About 65% or my art is influenced by realism when it comes to anatomy, clothes, shadowing, and things like that. 15% is cartoon/comic book art work, because the colors-despite being shaded- are still semi bright and the characters themselves are somewhat fanciful. Finally, the last 10% of my art is much like anime. I often like to use anime expressions on most of my characters and I like to draw the eyes in a very stylized manner.

Right now, I'm trying to step away from having my art work seem cartoony or from like it came from a comic book, because I think it would really be a good change for me.


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My style... maybe toonish? ^.^ I like toonish! but its not like, HORRIBLE toonish... kind of, uhh, like comic book toonish. I don't like to attempt pure realism in my drawings becuase you can never get as good as the real thing... but hey! everyone has a different style, I know that much ^.^
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Anatomically correct, American Comic-style mixed with a slight touch of anime/manga (I got that from my ex...). That's me. I use hatching for shades and tend to do layered muscles and such, and I color with Photoshop CS2, I'm okay with it, but I don't have all the effects and such down pat. I can do gradients, colors, shades, and basic highlights, but nothing too amazingly wondrous.


I'd describe mine as probably shallow in terms of drawing females I guess. I'd also say developing because I'm still getting used to using GIMP when inking and coloring. Most people say it's 'cute' due to some of the anime elements I put into it. Plus it's cartoonish. :p

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Fugly. X'D *self critical*

I can't seem to keep a style. I definitely stray to the more realistic end of the spectrum, though. When I draw stylized stuff, it always ends up looking strange and emotionless. But then again, whenever I draw realistically, it always ends up a little stylized...I'm a jack. XD