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How would you describe your style?


↑ I'm John ↓ He's Flint
Well… I strive towards illustrational realism and photorealism.
Of course (as always) the final judge is the audience and or the client.


The Artist Formerly Known as Jesusfish
Dada, Avant Garde(Soviet), Surrealism, Nonsense, Cubism, Pop art.


Rocket to your face.
hmm... i have only just started drawing maybe a week ago so my style has not come out a tun yet but mine is more cartoony and is kind of blocky atm due to inexperience (and my angles are kind of weird [take my avatar for an example {click the blue link under my sig titled Xiath for my FAP gallery to see a full sized version}, i think it looks like his left part of his face is facing right {like it is supposed to be} but his right side is facing too much to the left to give it a normal effect of facing to the right]). I only started coloring and shading the other night and it obviously has a cortoony feel to it (realy, what in the real world has those shades of red,blue, and neon green), i am still not happy with the colores of my avatar pic because he has more of the color patter of a fox then a coyote.

o.0... ookkkkaaaayyyy.... i forgot if i was describing my style or critiquing my work... sorry for straying like that...
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Beautiful Jerk
Bipolar. My art is either superdeformed and cartoony or serious semi-realistic stuff.
I look like two artists.


Moment Killer
Heavily inspired by anime, especially the eyes and facial structure. That said, the quality of my style is very inconsistent. I'm not sure why I gravitated to the style that I have today, but it suits me well.