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How would you raise your kids?


This isn't exactly a Rant or a Rave, but I feel it's more suited to here than the Den.
I'm just curious as to how other furries would raise their kids, assuming that they were still interested in the fandom at that time.
I could see how it could cause problems when the kids are older (rebellious teens "omg why are my parents such freaks I hate them etcetcetc")
This could also extend to how people bring up their children in any abnormal aspect e.g Scientology, weird diets.
What if you were a suiter?
Would you completely forgo the fandom, or act like it's a normal thing, or just hide it from them?


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I don't plan to ever have children, but I'm aware that saying that when I'm 18 could be a little short sighted.
As far as normal things go I would attempt to raise individuals who cared about other people, would never hit a child or attempt to impart or withold any religioun on or from them. I'd try to make sure they get exercise and eat fruit but I'm sure getting kids to do that as much as they should is really difficult.

As far as furry things go I'd probably keep that secret especially if I was a suiter, because when they're young they might want you to be in costume at birthday parties, which would be horrificly tedius and when they're older they'd think their parents are nuts. x3


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if you take your fandom so far that you actually try to push it onto your kids you need professional help and you shouldnt have kids. because that would go beyond a mere obsession.
i remember a woman on deviant art who named her baby after my little pony characters... FFS, how dont you see that this is a terrible idea?! DX
being a furry is a hobby. its not a lifestyle and it is most definitely not some sort of sexual orientation that you need to educate your kids about. you wouldnt try to make your adopted child gay if you are gay yourself, right? right...? (please say you wouldnt do it :c)
there are certain hobbies where it would make sense to get your child into it. like reading, painting or model building. but an obsession with cartoon animals doesnt fall into that category.

so i would say dont mention it at all and if the child finds out that you like cartoon critters dont make a big deal out of it. make it look like something normal and not like something freaky that you are totally crazy about...

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I don't think that I would expose them to the fandom itself; although, I might have a talk with them about it when they're old enough to be using the internet freely since they might find it themselves, and I wouldn't want them to get tangled up in the bad parts if it could be helped.

I'd happily share with them the anthropomorphic works that got me into it, though. Watership Down, Redwall, The Lion King, etc.,

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I doubt I'm ever going to have kids. But if I ever was, I was going to raise them the way I was raised.


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I'd just explain it to them when they're old enough to understand the complexity of attraction and sexuality.


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I wouldn't show the fandom as "normal" as it's a fandom, but I would show it as what it is, a fandom that I happen to be a part of. If he/she is not interested, no problem. If he/she is, sure, whatever.

But srsly when I think about what the fandom is known for, it'd feel rather wierd to have any common ground/interest regarding that...


How would I raise my kids?

Well, i'd leave that job to the mother and father goats. I'd raise them for their dairy products, not their kids.


Lady of the lake
I doubt I'm ever going to have kids. But if I ever was, I was going to raise them the way I was raised.

which was how?
i would do the same though. my parents mostly let me do my own thang and offered guidance when i needed it. they also made damn sure that i learn about proper morals. but their main goal was to make me a rather independent fellow.
and i think they succeeded. i always had the chance to make my own opinion about things. they didnt shove religion down my throat, i figured out how little sense it makes. they taught me that my actions have consequences for myself and in some cases even for the other 6 billion people on this planet.
so all in all i am really thankful for how they raised me. i didnt turn into a huge douchebag, so i guess they did at least a couple of things right^^


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If I ever have children, I wouldn't raise them "furry". I'd raise them like any parent would...minus certain things.,


I would not expose my kids to the furry fandom until later on in life, although I would expose them to anthromorphic art.

The simple fact is, the fandom is not child friendly.


They would probably drive me literally insane before they reached 1. I wouldn't raise them to be Furry, or immerse them in Furry culture even, but I'd imagine they would pick up the habits from me. Maybe at some point, they'll apply the term to themselves.


"Dafuq is dis mom?"
"Furries son, furries"
"Dafuq is dat?"
"I have no idea son. They change their story every day"

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One of me is quite enough.


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I wouldn't intentionally expose my children to furry media anymore than they are already would be by watching Saturday morning cartoons. If I were a suiter (I'm not), I'd explain that it is similar to a costume they would wear for Halloween or a fancy dress party except worn more often and when appropriate (e.g. at parties where lots of other grown ups play dress-up too).


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I don't think this fandom should/would have an affect on raising children. I'm planning on having a couple kids, and if I'm still in the fandom at the time, I won't make a huge deal out of it, just explain it so they don't alienate it or think anything weird of it. I won't tell them about the sex side of it straight away, but they would eventually ask and I would just explain that different people like different things and they should respect that as it doesn't affect anybody.


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I won't because I'm not having any.


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raise her with self respect, manors and some damn respect for others. I swear by ysmir she will be fucking a decent human being. Aside from that I will be a very caring loving parent who backs my childs desires to a point.

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raise her with self respect, manors and some damn respect for others. I swear by ysmir she will be fucking a decent human being. Aside from that I will be a very caring loving parent who backs my childs desires to a point.

As you are one of the furries here who actually has a kid, I eagerly awaited your post ^^