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How would you raise your kids?

Evan of Phrygia

I can't say I wouldn't try to force my ideas of normalcy on them so that what I think is best for them is maintained, but it depends.

I'd try to be lenient with curiosity, but the minute he/she tries doing things that I suspect would be very bad for the age I'd intend to step in...

I dunno. Just really how my parents raised me, but with more creative freedom.
(They can date, though. And maybe MAYBE if the other person ain't a slut, consider some love making by the time they're 17)
((The latter will happen no matter what I do, but some of the best things about a parent is disillusionment in that regard))


Vere Adeptus
I'd teach my kids the importance of creativity and imagination so they don't get sucked in by the future reality tv watching crowd. As for furry stuff, all he/she will know is that outside of work and aring for the child, mommy and daddy sometimes cosplay at anime cons and like to draw cool things. (speaking of cons, don't bring children to furry cons unless you are sure it's safe for them)

And what do some furries have against kids? Do they not want to take responsibity, or do they hate kids? Or do they think they wouldn't be good parents? Or perhaps financial reasons? Please explain.
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I can't really imagine myself having children, as I don't really know what life has in store for me. I often wonder what this generation's kids will be like, and how the parenting will be. That being said, I'd focus on raising good kids, teaching them good values like treating others with kindness, respecting other people's beliefs, etc. I'd try not to force my interests on them, and let them develop into their own person. At the same time, I'm not about to go hiding what I enjoy. I'd rather I be the kooky dad with odd interests than a parent who doesn't really know their kid or have a good relationship with them.

Technically there are no generations. There are tens of millions of people of EVERY age.


I would probably make sure they were raised to accept people. I would make sure that they wouldn't be mean to people who are a little outside the normal social boundary's. I might also get my kid comfortable with nerd things and stuff. I would love coming up with ways to surprise them and find games to play with them when they are little. Then when they start growing up and making their own choices, I will let them do what they want as long as they don't ruin their life. :grin:


I doubt it would have any affect on the relationship between me and any hypothetical children besides me possibly being more enthusiastic about cartoons than they are, but I'm not very serious about all this. I don't fursuit or do anything that's hard to hide.

As for getting my kids involved, my initial thought is that I wouldn't want my children involved in a fandom like this until they were at least 15-16 and still wouldn't introduce them to it myself. I understand they'll probably see tits on the Internet long before that, but there's a lot of sexytimes going on in this fandom and I'm really not okay with any hypothetical children of mine participating in a community that I do not doubt will be tempting them, possibly with significantly older men and women or people who actually want to be getting in their pants in addition to just online porn. They're going to hit puberty and they're going to think about sex (possibly have it, too, and if so they'd better use protection or so help them), but the weird shit that's gone on in my local community is anything but the standard things I'd look at as just part of normal development for my own spawn.

If they wound up involved "too early," my response would probably be to allow them to stay on the grounds that we could find some form of appropriate supervision.


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If I were to EVER have kids, I'd raise them to respect other people's opinions and beliefs. I'd also make sure they would get involved with productive hobbies like drawing, sports, martial arts, etc. Basically, I'd make sure they won't end up like a worthless nobody with no talent like me.


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Its a learning thing for me still. I know the 'basics' and according to my family and friends, I am doing real good in the mom department. My son was unplanned but I figured it out and went with it.

My son is 2 1/2 now and he thinks its really silly when I put my ears, paws and tail on. He loves a specific animal now, the tiger, and loves all animals. I have taught him to love animals from day 1 and ever since he has grown to love them as much as I do.

I believe instilling in the mind of the child, what is important in life and how to handle it, is the greatest thing we can do for our children. No "How to Raise Your Children" Book can tell/you teach you that. Go with your instints and what you have already learned/experienced in YOUR LIFE.

As far as Furry stuff.....My sig pic can explain what I am doing to encourage him to be ready for the furry fandom if he so chooses to be part of it. X3
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The Last of Us.
I dont fursuit or anything, just art and stuff, they would probably know as soon as they can that i draw a lot of werewolves and such, just wouldnt make it a big thing. I'd be spending more time getting them used to giant bugs and wildlife.