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How would you react to aliens?


If they existed, One thing about aliens I would ask to them would be:

"Your customs, accent, and behavior sure seem similar to the stereotypical (insert ethnic minority here). Are you sure this is not intentional?"


There's a ton of science fiction works about first contact with extraterrestrial life, most of which are extremely cliche of "omg aliens are invading". Let's try and avoide that cliche. However given how much effort we put into trying to find life out there in the universe if we were to ever make contact how would you react to the news?

Like several scenarios the most likely is we find life on europa or somewhere in our solar system. How would you react to them finding life in our solar system.

However also how would you react to us finding intelligent life off our planet. Either communicating with them through radio or actually coming to earth.

Also if it were something like the movie E.T. how would you handle being the first person to come across them? Like they don't know anything about the earth and you are the first person to come across them.

And no they aren't here to destroy the earth, humans or subjucate us. Also no not tentacle monsters for our japanese schoolgirls. Also not amazon women from Amazonia here for snu-snu.

Death by Snu-Snu would be awesome.... just saying...

How would I react to Aliens? Hmmm.... With a shovel.. :twisted:


Longetivity is my middle name
I believe in life on other worlds. However I believe that if they are intelligent and not just wild animals or space worms then their development is pretty much equivalent to or lesser then ours. If aliens came to earth (with peaceful intent) I'd try to find some way to reach their arrival zone to see them in person. After rubbing it in my friends noses about how they didn't believe in life on other worlds, of course.


Lone Wolf
Id be a little frightened. I discover a species hidden away for a long time, I wouldn't know how dangerous or cunning it was. It could take over the planet and enslave all humans for all I know