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How Would Your Fursona React to Being Pinged


Perpetually Tired
probably react with mild annoyance and then decide whether to check it or go back to sleep


"Lemme sleep, bitch"
"Leave me alone....I mean.....can you?"
"Hi sir...That, pinched..."
"I have to watch over a multiverse...not now"


Well-Known Member



Leather-clad Lobo
Oooh, I just got a message!
*Reads but doesn't reply for 10 minutes cos too busy gushing over their gorgeous pfp*

Doodle Bunny

Definitely a rabbit... 100%...
The lights would flicker.

The furniture would shake.

The walls would start oozing a black, tar-like goo.

That’s where Doodles, taking the form of a seemingly harmless rabbit, rises from the floor.

“You summoned me?”


Geneva what? I thought conventions were canceled.
*Spends an hour trying to think of a response*


Pirate Fox Mom
Depends on the time, if it’s the middle of the afternoon, it's a welcome break from the tedium of work so the reaction would be:
Ooh! I got pinged, what’s this?

If it’s 2am and the ping woke me it is more:
Whom Pingith me? If this is not of Earth shattering importance, I shall burn your village and pillage your women!!!
(Or post grumpy cat gifs, whichever is easier)


Off the bench
Ricky: someone probably wants an outlaw dead
Arnak: who is pinging me?! Can't they see I'm busy
Aika: *excited Squeak*


Cherie: Omg a new friend

Ishtar:*literally didn't see the ping*

Cosmin: meh -_-

Stella: *High pitched happy screaming*

Lykaon: What's a ping?


I'm obnoxious
I would look at it and be happy, but Aella would just shoot the iPad and go back to napping on her big soft fluffy blanket.


Queen of FaF. Empress of Fløøf.
Skittles - Be happy and reply probably.

As "Queen" Skittles.. Well they would probably write a long very flowing letter just to say "Hi!"


Totally not a vampire
Tallow: Oh? You're pinging me?
Nara: Yare yare daze....

(I'm so sorry I just finished reading JoJo part 7 and it's all I can think about)