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Howdy Citizens!


New Member
Greetings, I am Lennoxicon!

I am an amateur game developer and artist. I've been looking for places to chat with others in the furry community and it seems I've found the right spot!

Most of my time is spent thinking about and improving my art and programming, and I just may be willing to share what I've learned if I find myself able to. The other parts of my time are devoted to video gaming and work/college.

Besides that I hope I'll be able to contribute to the community as best as I can! Some of my work can be seen in my deviantArt, tumblr, or furAffinity page.


They call me crazy dog lady...
Hello, nice to meet ya! I'm new here as well, but can say that you've found a great place to chat with people.


Wolf of Many Talents
Welcome and enjoy the stay.