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Howdy from a British Yeener ^//^


New Member
Hello all!

General boredom has brought me towards y'all, so I guess here I am posting random stuff and things!

I'm so crappy with personal introductions, but some general things I would say is;
  1. I'm a tall thin punky spotted hyena thing
  2. I make awful music and flash based video games
  3. I'm pretty chill, but dislike netflix
  4. I play games, FAR too often.
  5. I live by the three W's (Work, Workout, and Warcraft)
  6. Comedy is important too me, and its the way to my heart and pants.
So stop by and say something to me before I go stir crazy!


New Member
Back a few years ago I used to be a huge Newgrounds nerd and play pretty much everything.
Then when I started making music for a few of the people I got talking to on it I kinda backed off a bit.
I have to admit though I found this awesome little music game called "rhythm-doctor" and I can't wait to see what the guys involved in it make in into