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Howdy hey from an Arctic Fox Yankee!


New Member
Hey guys! My name is Emery Snowtail and I've been in the furry and pony fandoms for about 5 years now. I currently live in Texas but want to move back to the cooler climes of the northern United States, or Ireland.

I am an Arctic fox for a reason! haha

My creative niche is writing. I deal in both serious works of horror as well as pony fanfic and original furry tales that branch out to a wide variety of genres. I have a very ugly Furaffinity and an alright DeviantArt page to help me peddle these types of stories, as well as a Patreon for all my normal stuffs in addition to.

I'm attempting to stream regularly at this time through Picarto, where I'll be taking flash requests aplenty and just getting to know you guys! Once this post goes out, I will be live, so feel free to join in!

So, enough of that stuff. Let's chat! I'm really looking forward to getting to know some fellow furries!


Yay! Another foxxo! Welcome to FAF~! Gives you a nose kiss


Hello! Welcome aboard bud. Nice place here, hope you enjoy your stay!


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Hey there, and welcome. I agree, the cold beats the heat anyday! Grew up in northern Michigan, moved down to Baltimore, Maryland, and geez, this place can be such an oven, in comparison. The heat in Texas boggles my mind, to even consider! : P

Hope ya have fun here, and I'll have to check out your writing. I'm also a writer, and need to get busy on my furry stories again; I also write more 'serious' poetry (narrative, not rhyming), and may try some more serious fiction.

Well, I hope ya have a fun time here, lots of nice furs around!