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Howdy! (WARNING: long)


That Crazy Railway Wolf
Hi! My name is Austin, but I prefer going by Frisco or Frisc, which is my Fursona's name.

I am a wolf furry, and I have been a downside furry for a few years but i've decided to start opening myself up to the online furry commune in hopes of finding more furry friends.

So on that note, a bit about myself.

In complete contrast to my name, I am not from San Francisco, I am from the Midwest, more specifically a small riverside town called St. Louis, MO (ok not small riverside town but, well, you get the point -Scratches the ground-). My name is in correlation to a local rail line here that has since been long gone that was called the Frisco (short for St. Louis-San Francisco Railroad ((fun fact: they never reached San Francisco - If anything they went the wrong way and went as far east as north florida)) ).

AS you can probably tell, I love trains, which also leads to my other interest, History. I am a history nerd. If you talk about anything relating to the world wars, the industrial revolution, or railroads, I will debate with you for hours about it (and win odds are ^^" -ear flips back-). I am a musician, a pianist and a former organist. My main genres of music are alternative, orchestral/classical, big band jazz/swing, hard rock, and some electronic. I hate rap and hip hop with a fiery burning passion. I am also a writer, I haven't written a fanfic in a LONG time but i'm starting to get back into writing thanks to college.

I follow sports like a pro:
-Baseball (GO CARDINALS!)
-Hockey (GO BLUES!)
-Football (No teams in general I just follow)
-NASCAR (Likewise here)

I HATE POLITICS but i will get in a political debate if necessary and state my views.

I watch some anime (trying to expand that window more), I'm familiar with Doctor Who but i don't consider myself a whovian (sorry ^^"). I love video games (Ask me about that or find me around the forums in certain threads and you'll see what i mean XD)

Finally, onto the complicated stuff. You may think that i must be quite social, but the exact opposite is the case for me in person. I have sociaphobia, and I have aspergers, add, and depression. Most of it is due to the fact that I was shielded alot as a kid by a single mother and since i am an oreo (black in skin color only) I wasn't really accepted everywhere I went and I was the outcast growing up. I don't have many friends, or a social life...I also have a tendency to rant...so forgive me if i just go on and on at random things.

So that is your resident railwolf in a nutshell! If you want to talk, check out my social shenanigans, feel free to add me via skype or watch me on dA, or just say hello down here as well in a reply. Now if you'll excuse me, i've got a train to catch!
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boi...chill out!
Nice to meet you Frisc, I can see you and me have alot of things in common, including being called "Oreos"...nasty cookies btw. Anyway, you should stop by the forum games, it's a real fun place to meet others.

BTW, I'd gladly debate you in history anytime.


New Member
Hi Frisc, Itz great to meet you! I can see me and you share the love of sports! If you ever have the time have a look at the forum games it's great place to meet fellow furs!

Sioras F. Nightfire

Certified psychopath
Always nice to see another fur that follows hockey. Good luck to the Blues next season, unless they're facing the Kings of course :V


Yay for long intro posts! Love em, really gives a feel for you. Anyways, welcome to the forum! Can't say I'm a history or train buff, but I do like video games quite a lot. Borderlands perhaps?? Your character sounds rather neat and you sound pretty cool. You'll fit in really well I'm sure :) Don't worry, we're all pretty friendly here. Most of us don't bite haha.


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Long intro short reply

Welcome to the forums!!!

Dr. Franken-Fox

"it's alive, IT'S ALIVE!"
Oh wow, another Aspie! (gives the secret Aspie handshake) From what I gather, there are quite a few of us hidden away in these forums, it seems no intensive online community is safe from contamination ;)

Anyway I hope you enjoy it here, most of us are pretty friendly and look if there's anything you want to talk about, be it sperging about trivial and obscure topics or sharing tips on how to fake social interaction, feel free to hit me up with a PM.