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@Klobria Well hello there and welcome :)
First thing to know is to check what the different sections of the forum are for. You don't have to go through all of them, but usually there's at least one for introductions (which is not here but there: forums.furaffinity.net: Forum Introductions ).
For your information, the Site discussion is for discussing things about the site itself, like issue with some functionalities and things like that ^^

I think you might want to check The Tavern since you've created a Discord with RP.
If you wanna talk about things linked to the furry fandom, the Community Discussion is for you, if you just wanna talk, the General Discussion is the place to be ^^
If you like to draw, sing, create music, or other creative activities, you might want to check the Creative Arts and you were already there if I'm not mistaken.

Hope that helps a little! See you around :)

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Good morning Nina and welcome to FA Forum.
Several sections on here where you can chat about different stuff relating to life in general and the Furry Fandom.
Hope you enjoy your stay here. :)

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There's a forum introductions tab you should've put this in as this is for site communication.


Did you get that thing I sent ya?