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Howdy there! I'm Rose. I had an account here when I was like, what, 13? 14? Regardless, I return once again, no 'sona no more, starting from scratch.
Just a few quick bullets about the dipshit typing this
  • I love technology. Currently studying for a degree in cybersecurity. Mobile tech, consoles, pc. snorts nose Arch Linux user.
  • 20. She/Her. Saggitarius (and others, co-star) and INFP-J if you care about those.
  • Trans, MtF. Gray Asexual. Women are nice.
  • I play rust, league mainly. I have a love-hate relationship with Nintendo, but I know I'll buy it anyway.
  • TCGs are fun. Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon, MtG, and Force of Will.
  • Love 80s alternative music. If you like The Cure, My Bloody Valentine and Joy Division we'll probably get along alright.
But yeah, I'm generally a chill person. I've got a soft core on the inside, and a sometimes abrasive, off-the-wall outside. Don't be afraid to say hello, I generally don't bite. I hope to get re-acquainted with the community in a place where I'm not so... stupid. Anyway, yeah. Hello. Howdy. I'm Rose, what's up with you?
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Furry from the discount section
Oh hi, a fellow aspec person, welcome aboard!


Bara mig och lite bensin
Welcome to the forum.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.


Oh hi, a fellow aspec person, welcome aboard!
Yup yup! Aspec reportin' for duty.

Seems weirdly common here but hell yeah ace gang (well, demi anyway)
Oh really? Haven't met many out in the world, so that's nice to hear.
Welcome to the forum.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.
Thanks, appreciate it!
Mainly I3 and XFCE, because it is very lightweight. Plasma was very buggy with my system (i may destroyed a few settings tho ^^°)
i3 is elegant in it's own way, haven't played with XFCE... Plasma has always been my go to, if I'm not feeling funky and install Gnome instead.
Fellow trans fem!! Welcome!
Hell yeah! Honestly, when my egg finally cracked I felt like a million bucks, really. Life changing, for the confusing, and the better.