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Hello, I've actually been a member of the forum here for a couple months but just wanted to say Hi since I posted randomly in another thread a little while ago. I'm fairly new to the fandom - around March of '08 is when I'd say I really got into it - but I've had a passing interest/curiosity for quite a while before that. I went to AC in June and had a great time, met a couple furs which is nice since I didn't know any in real life previously. I love furry art (of all types), which is one thing that drew me into the fandom. As for my 'fursona', his name is Khurynn and he's a wolf, although I haven't really determined exactly what kind yet. Aside from wolves, I'm also fond of foxes, lions, red pandas, and lemurs. At the moment I'm trying to build a partial fursuit of a gray wolf which is going reasonably well so far (I have a tail and am almost done with front paws). Eventually I'm hoping to make a full suit too, once I get a little further through the trial-and-error process. I spend most of the rest of my time working, studying music, traveling, going to zoos, doing artsy stuff (though I can't really draw to save my life), and yes, playing WoW. I'm very introverted and tend to keep mostly to myself, but I'm always up for getting to know other people in the fandom, especially those who might live in the northeast or STNY/NEPA area. Guess that's about it... bye for now! :cool:


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Hello and welcome to FAF! Feel free to chat me up anytime!
Info is over there!


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Hi there! *throws you milkshake* Feel free to add me on MSN!
See you around.


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Welcome onboard ^^

Have a cookie *hands you one*