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How's your relationship with your dreams?

Monsieur Doveteux

The Local Grammarian
I usually have lucid dreams, but sometimes it’s just normal, and the normal ones are pretty boring. Last night was a pretty exact replay of the preceding day except I had remembered my homework and didn’t listen to music in the shower. Otherwise, my dreams are, for the most part, futur-y/space themed (Star Trek obsession).


GTWT Survivor
I rarely remember my dreams, but it’s been yeeeaars since I had a nightmare. The only notable stuff for me is that I tend to know/decide what’s gonna happen next in the dream, and sometimes I’ll notice myself repeat the same sequence multiple times in one night. Occasionally it’ll feel like I’m deliberately “retrying” that sequence like you’d retry a level in a video game.


Angry Lizard King
I am constantly having dreams where I'm killed or grievously injured. In excruciating detail.
Needless to say, I don't sleep well.


Web-dev and self-taught guitarist
I don't dream as much as I used to, nowadays I just float in endless nothingness for what feels like a minute and then I wake up.

I used to have terrible nightmares, usually some bizarre creature that's chasing me or I'm walking through a house and a horrifying blur of a tall figure just stalking me or whatever but it was always kind of blurry, never any details.

I don't remember my dreams at all though. I might have dreamt something amazing last night but I have no recollection of it which makes me a bit sad :^(.


Sow of Substance
Dreams re so important , and vital , but I never tell others my dreams because other peoples dreams tend to bore, and I'm boring enough with reality.


To the lulz, dear boy.
Most of my dreams are either about Work or what I write. The Work dreams are kind of drag because work is frustrating enough without reliving while I'm dozing off and I'm never rested after this happens. The writing dreams are pretty dope though because my dreams come up better plots and twists than I do.

I'm jealous of my dreams.


dreams don't mean anything its your brain just running simulations in preparation for the real world (hence why most of them are nightmares) if i'm away with work i actually dream about work when i'm home i dream about very mundane things very rarely do i have naughty bedroom adventure dreams

the only dream i really remember vividly even now is i was chained to a wall in a hell like the one from event horizon i was scared at first but when i accepted it was not real and i was no longer afraid of the gore my chains broke and a double barrelled shotgun was at my feet

i then proceeded to play out doom within my dream i never really had many nightmares since then and that was when i was like 13


Whitest guy you know.
My dreams are generally about life after death or something along those lines. Not morbid by any means, usually they're quite peaceful.


Angry Lizard King
Sometimes the things you post make me really worried for your wellbeing.

What? This is the first time I've posted about my gore-filled dreams. Besides, it's none of your business. My poor mental health is my problem alone.


Rez the Wolfdog
What? This is the first time I've posted about my gore-filled dreams. Besides, it's none of your business. My poor mental health is my problem alone.
XD then other times the things you post...

I know, but you've posted other things too and I know it is none of my business, but part of my personality is that I tend to care too much about everyone else, even if it is none of my business.


The Mistbinder
Not happy with my dreams right now. Just woke up from a continuous nightmare that seemed to be all about being haunted by demons.

I would honestly rather be attacked by a physical thing in my dream. My sleep doesn't need to be a paranormal ghost horror movie.


I hate them and they hate me, until I had to fully take control of them and now their are generally boring and predictable.

Water Draco

Next LondonFurs?? Please stay tuned
Tend to in a way process stuff from real life in my dreams and my wellbeing can have a direct effect.
Presently life is a little intense and this is being reflected in my dreems. But this is one of those things that can be a barometer that can help you gauge when it is time to take action to alter the course of things.


I have a decent relationship with my dreams. Many are strange, some are prophetic, others are scary, but most are fun. It doesn't hurt that I'm about 75% lucid dreamer, and I can usually get back into a good dream after waking up to go to the bathroom or whatnot.

That being said, you can add me to the list of those who wish they could remember more of them. Whenever I've tried keeping a dream journal, I've wound up with pages full of nonsensical chicken scratches. Not nearly as profound as they seemed at the time, although I do remember some of them in startling detail.