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HP OMEN vs Dell G5


I'm trying to make a final decision on which desktop PC I should have. A family member is offering to get me a PC for my birthday, which is in a week.

There's the HP OMEN 25L and the Dell G5.

I want a PC that I can use to play/stream Minecraft & VRChat, as well as for video editing and VR.

Which one of these desktops is better?
2k for a 2060 build is not very appealing/reasonable, sure you get 32GB of ram and some extra storage, but you are kinda getting ripped off. A rule of thumb of sorts when you have a lower budget and no niche kind of usage area is to spend most of your budget on the graphics card(as in the most expensive part should be the GPU as long as the rest is balanced.).

You get more value out of something like this:

But I'd easily count out the Dell system there as 2 grand on a gaming pc and only have a 2060 to show sounds extreme to be. I have seen your other thread and I must say it's a bit tricky to plain out suggest a system that will be perfect for you. But if you got something like what is shown above you can always install more drives for storage, get a better graphics card down the line etc. I'd avoid the Dell G5 there however.