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(Adopt/Character) Selling: HQ Bun/Cow Hum. Demon Gal Digital Watercolor [AUCTION] -- SB: $40 / AB2 (+extra art): $125 OR $140


Sai (like the drawing program) | They/Them

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Starting Bid: $40
Minimum Increase: $5
Auto-buy 1: $80
Auto-buy 2 (comes with additional colored bust): $125 (style 1) / $140 (style 2)

Terms of Service
1.) You may re-sell any adopt you buy from me without any need to inform me of the ownership transfer. If you do not have additional art or literature attached, please do not sell one of my designs for more than you purchased them for!
2.) You may alter a purchased non-CS design in any desired way, so long as you do not significantly alter my art. Never remove my signature from the full image.
3.) Always credit me as the original artist wherever you use my art! No need to explicitly state that I was the designer, however, if you get additional art of the character.
4.) Never post your paypal email or additional sensitive information in the comments section. Always use a PM or other private means of disclosure.

By purchasing the design, you are free to do with it as you like (such as editing, trading, etc.) -- just do not reproduce or redistribute my artwork for profit (unless reselling the design/OC), do not remove my signature, and please do credit me for the art piece!

Auto-buy additional portrait examples (these are pieces I've done before, for commissions or adopts):

Style 1:

Style 2:
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