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(Base/YCH) Selling: HQ Canine Headshot YCH - cheap realistic style artwork


Hello everybody!

I usually do custom commissions, but I'd love to give the YCH concept a go as well. So here we go!


Let's begin with a YCH wolf / canine base:
  • Realistic / semi-realistic style artwork
  • Headshot
  • Canine or optical similar species - if you're unsure about yours feel free to ask!

To get started I'm offering three slots at a special rate for only 15 €
  1. Taken​
  2. Taken​
  3. free​


You can find my TOS here: TOS YCHs – polarwiesel
Payment through PayPal in EUR.
Questions? Feel free to message me at any time c:
You can also give me suggestions for future YCHs.

If you're looking for my custom commissions visit this thread: forums.furaffinity.net: Commission (Selling): - Digital illustrations - high quality SFW & NSFW [ Starting at 15 € ]

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