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Hugs or no hugs?


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I'm weird. If I'm at conventions and cosplaying, I have no problem with hugs, in fact I enjoy them. If a family member or friend tries to give me a hug I reject it because it makes me feel dirty and I hate the feeling (this mainly applies to girls for friends, but I just ban all). I don't really mind hugs from strangers when I'm not in costume; sometimes they bug me sometimes they don't.

Basically (unless I'm at a con), I'm hug exclusive to everyone but my boyfriend. (it took me awhile to hug him back and initiate hugs)


Ambered Amaranth
I like them but I'm reserved. I tend to be really distant physically, etc. and awkward until I'm warmed up to the situation. Though I like being affectionate / wish I were moreso.


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It also highly depends on the person…I would hug an acquaintance differently than I would a best friend or lover. The closer I am to someone, the more touchy I get. Which is something that yeah, I do know how to control. Others, not so much. And that's why I get edgy about hugging sometimes.


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Physical contact kinda weirds me out in general, but if I know the person well enough I don't have much of a problem with it. Especially if I've had a drink or three.


I'm a free hugs kind of girl, but I do always ask first. Well, except for with my really close friends but, that comes with the territory,


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havent gotten a hug in years, could realy use one... my buds think handshakes are to way to go and i agree.
but i have given and received chokers does that count?

Deleted member 82554

havent gotten a hug in years, could realy use one... my buds think handshakes are to way to go and i agree.
but i have given and received chokers does that count?

I think a chocker or a firm pat on the back counts.

After all, us men have to keep our masculinity because we're all macho and tough and egotistic and shit.

Yeah, I hate being a male sometimes too. :c


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I'm fine with a hug if I know you. usually its the handshake/shoulder hug or the handshake/shoulder dap (black people man hug, lol) type of thing though. The full on hug is reserved for special people, love interests, or to comfort someone I care about in a emotionally vulnerable time.

Kofi Adofo

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I hug everyone. When I first meet you, you get a hug. A few people will ask me not to and that is fine but I see no reason not to embrace someone in a warm welcome.

Now I don't mean I'm running around hugging strangers, but if I am introduced to a family member, a friend, or even a co-worker you best believe a hug is coming.


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I suppose it depends on the person hugging. Do I know them well? Do they smell like a dumpster? Are they going to nibble on my ear and tell me I have a pretty mouth? Variables, dawg.

Though, generally I'm not against them.


Feigning intelligence
No hugs. I don't even like my mother hugging me.
Alas, people here greet each other by hugging and touching their cheeks sometimes, and some people try that to me.


I don't like hugs or touching from anyone apart from my partner, but we're long distance so that's just ironic. T v T