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Hullo there, fam!

Darin Waller

The Dreamer.
I'm Darin, Lv.21, Libra. Graphic designer and digital artist. I'm not quite new to the official site, but I've never been here to the forums. I can be found in the regular site as DarinScraps.

I guess my best suit has always been drawing anthropomorphic characters, specially Pokemon. I really enjoy character design and writing~ I use most of my characters for RP, just so you people know.
I also like drawing big muscular characters, those are the ones I have the most fun with! Though I still try to vary on body types, species and genders.

Was going to talk about my fursona and some other characters, but I guess I'll leave that for another thread in a more proper part of the forum, haha!

So, hullo there, everyone! Nice to meet you~


Woof? Woof
Welcome to the forum, love.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.


aka Cutter Cat
I do more Photoshop than drawing. In RL I help make lots of funeral programs so I am constantly fixing photos. Nice to meet you, too. If you ever need any Photoshop advice, let me know.


The eternal lost one
Welcome to the forum ! :D
Hope you will find good stuff in here ! :3


Welcome to the forum.
Say, which is your favorite pokemon?

Here's your complementary funny animal picture