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Human Anatomy Help


I need help with human anatomy. Legs seem to be my biggest fault tho I'm pretty poor with all of the body. Any suggestions? :/
I've got a sticky on exactly this sort of thing.

For an actual suggestion, look at life. Draw from photographs (and if possible, models) as much as possible. Assuming you're in the northern hemisphere, it's getting rather warm out, so maybe take a sketchbook to the park or to the mall and draw people.


Ok thanks, Zeddish! :D


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Buy "Anatomy for the artist" by Sarah Gimblet.

It's got everything you need to know, and then some!


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My suggestion is to look at feet all day long and draw them.
Feet were my own weakness I think mostly because I didn't normally get to see feet in my daily life. I learnt better when I started learning martial arts and we are bare feet all the time.


Thanks guys, this has been a big help!