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A shy saytr
Hello all, i'm a lil short on cash so time to open up commissions! Please pm me or comment below if you are interested. Payment will be through paypal,and will be half before i start and half before i send the high res file. I have a bunch of options, please take a glance and let me know if you're interested :3
Cleaned up Sketches!
-Just a sketch- 10$
-Sketch with flat colors- 15$​

Flat Colors!
-Head shot-15$
-Bust- 20$
+20 for additional character

-Headshot- 20$
-Fullbody- 35$
+25 for additional character
Add simple background = + 5$
Complex backgrounds are plus 10-15 depending on complexity

Character Sheets!

-Two full bodies front and back and pallet-$50
-Full package- $130
-two full bodies
-4 expressions
-pallet-1-2 alternate outfit cheebs
-2 simple items (Additional 10 per for super complex items)
-typed descriptions if wanted
If you don't want the full package, but want more than just the two full bodies and pallet, that can be arranged.


Will do:

  • Humans
  • Anthros/furries
  • simple mechs
  • nudity
  • Pastel gore
  • character design based on text
  • NSFW
Will not
  • Detailed gore
  • Certain Fetishes
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