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cheeki breeki
need some furry art to fill my page with & also wanna practice

so i am taking free requests, any species and any gender, both SFW and NSFW, from headshot to fullbody (depends on idea) and flat or simple background. artstyle examples below but imagine they have animal head and more fur

please drop your characters and wishes or anything you wanna tell or ask to my notes to my furaffinity page - here. i ralely check forums tbh.

also i'd be glad if you +watch me and leave a comment to warm up my cold heart :з
also more examples on page



Green wuff with large feet
Thanks for the opportunity! Say, how would this fella sound to ya?
I can see some situation where he's leaning against some wall in the alleyway or something. SFW only by the way ^^
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It would be so cool if you could draw something for me. My idea is to see my bfs fursona eating a large pice of cheese with some heart symbols hovering over his head. I'd really appreciate it! Thank you for considering my request.


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    Alex the Rat Reference Sheet (SFW).jpg
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Hopefully me submitting my character to this project of yours is okay!
Would you be willing to draw my character? Pardon the NSFW, please; I lack other art of her.
Since you encouraged to send notes to tell you about stuff, I'm tempted... but your art makes me confident enough that you don't need me yammering to you about my character for you to be able draw her well, should you choose to draw them at all.
If you want me to give you details, though, there's plenty I can tell you, if you prefer, in notes or otherwise!
SFW or NSFW is fine! Fullbody would be my first choice, but whatever you wanna do is okay!


cheeki breeki


It's Spooky Month!
Oh my god! Your art is amazing!

I especially love what you made for drak. 0:

I would be absolutely ecstatic if you drew my new boi!

Thank you so much for considering and I'll definitely be giving you a watch!



cheeki breeki


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I don't know if you're still doing this, but if you are I'd like to make a request.
Possibly these two just being cute and cuddling or something? sfw or nsfw are both fine. If you'd rather do just one, either the bunny cleaning bones or just the deer tending a garden could be neat. Of course, if you have a different idea for them or if you don't want to draw them at all, that's alright too. : )

Byzance123 Rauss Khan

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