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human commissions by negatedagain


New Member

Yo! I'm here just for commissions. You can find me on Deviantart, same username. More examples can be found in my gallery.

ignore the headshot option on that price list! now for headshots i have this:
experimental portrait comimssions, offer min. $10

  • i take a few days, up to a week when i'm swamped to finish your order.
  • only for personal use
  • you get hi-res file.
  • nsfw samples are over here. nsfw prices are +5$ from normal price. for example a couple nsfw would be $25 (from full body $20+5) + $20 (second character in full body is -$5, but +5$ bcs nsfw) = $45
  • ask me if i can do the nsfw you have in mind. same with gore.

thanks for looking!