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Request: Human Male Viking OC Request


Demonic Werewolf Floof
Hi guys so I am trying to save up for a car and I cant really spend money on art. I am looking for an artist that wants to help out and maybe they are bored or want to train their skills.

I started playing the new fire emblem three houses and there was a character on there with rad hair and a beard xD I want to use for my Viking OC .

Would an artist like to sketch no colour needed of a male with this baddass hair and beard rugged sorta look, a headshot is fine.

Ref for hair and beard:
prnt.sc: Screenshot prnt.sc: Screenshot prnt.sc: Screenshot
With these earrings and eyebrow prntscr.com: Screenshot

Front, side, back view of it all.

If anyone does this for me I will be very thankful will likely watch,follow and whatnot!
Or if you know an artist taking requests that might help me let me know, thanks all.
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