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Human ref?

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Yeah, I know, technically this is a furry forum, but some of you guys draw humans too though, right? So is anyone up for drawing one? c: I 'adopted' the character for a steampunk rp site and here is the headshot of him. He's gonna have a muscled build (six-pack abs and all the works but not like macro or anything, I can probably dig for some examples) and have a wolf tail the lightest color of his hair. I at least want one full body front-view and maybe a few detail shots or sketches or something, it depends on the prices. So as always please post prices, examples, and turnaround?


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I draw humans. xD
I don't have any examples of human character reference-pictures yet, though. My reference sheets cost $15 for a full front view and three expression head shots or detail shots.

Examples of how I draw people:
(It's mostly fan-art)

As for turnaround, I can get it done by tomorrow night.


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Hey there! I love me some hoomans.

My gallery: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/foreverafter/

Basic Ref Sheet is one pose with some details and description: $20

More poses would be +$10. Flats included. I work in both digital and traditional. Turn out time would probably be no more than a week.

Humany examples:

If interested, please e-mail me: foreverafter_art[at]hotmail.com


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I actually do more human work than furries. If you want specific human examples I can dig them up for ya. But in the meantime here is my ad.



Hey I love drawing humans whenever I get the chance... Between furry and portraiture I don't often get to draw them in my illustrative style.

My ref sheets are only $25 for 3 turnarounds, or $30 for all four views. This includes clean lines and flat colors. Each headshot/detail thingy costs an extra $2.

here are some previous ref sheets:



and here's some recent images of humans I've done... or humanoid type things:





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I draw a great deal of humans! :) He seems like an interesting character, as well!
Here is my FA account: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/alohinun/

Here are some recent human-based examples:
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3764023/ (NSFW)

I am a very quick worker- for smaller images it's typically a day or two- for a reference sheet I would guess 3-5 days! Certainly less than a week if need be.
As far as pricing- for a single flat colored full body image I could expect $15. For additional detail shots or views it might add on an additional $5-10! So a range of $20-25 is most likely. :)
If you have any questions or would like some references- feel free to ask! Thank you for any consideration!


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I can do humans! my prices are cheap, but i do quality work <3

my Ref sheets go for around 5-6 dollars depending on complexity and Headshots go from 1-3 dollars

Here is all my prices: Moonsong-wolf-studios.webs.com


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I could do a ref sheet. The prices... It comes on how realistic you would like it to have. I can do it less realistic and more cartoony, with outline... Whatever you want.
On the prices. It comes on, as I said, it depends on details you'd like.
For a ref with outlines, shaded, quite detailed with some details/sketches it could be 35$+? The price is negotiable. :3

Here is an example of a fur and human:
- http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3794191/