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haha so uhh... i found out cps's discount sale is closing in 4 days... sad...
ill still get it anyway.
if i dont reply quickly. its because im not active on fa!! you can message me on instagram or da where im most active!!
also sorry if the prices seem weird or jumpy. im bad at pricing.


bust is $5 thigh-up is 7$ and fullbody is 9$.


bust is 13$ thigh-up is 16$ and fullbody is 19$


bust is 20$ thigh-up is 23$ fullbody is 26$


bust is 27$ thigh-up is 29$ fullbody is 31$


bust is 35$ thigh-up is 37$ and fullbody is 40$

you can also see my furaffinity for better examples.

prices are flexible and can be changed.
if you want a sketchy less cleaner shaded drawing. it will be lowered 5-

multiple characters are 10+ each

❤ will not draw any of the following ❤

• males. yup. not only am i bad at drawing them. but im just not comfortable doing so. femboys also count.
• NSFW is not ok. suggestive or sexual art is fine. but no nipple or genitals showing!
• real life people.
• ferals, unless its anthro-y enough.
• mechas, vehicles too.
• complex backgrounds, simple/abstract ones are ok.
• fetishes
• basically just dont send anything that doesnt fit with my art style. im a very girly artist. so send girly things.

i will only accept about 3-4 slots. thank you!​
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