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(Commission) Selling: HUMANOIDS/ANTHROS starting at $5



hello! i am saving some spare money for art school so here are some cheap commissions.



+ extra characters for 70% of the original price. (E.G 2 colored headshots: $17)
+ complex characters or clothing will have an additional fee.
  • i take USD through Paypal.
  • i can draw humanoids, anthros, tentatively ferals.
  • i can do soft NSFW, like nudity.
  • i can design stuff for you, for an additional fee.
  • if you're interested in something more expensive, you can PM me.
  • PM me for any other questions.
an optional outline:
character reference: image of your character.
character description: personality, etc. gives me an idea of posing or expression.
type of commission: colored headshot, colorless waist up, etc?