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(Commission) Selling: Humans, Suits and Kaijin (Base Price £7.50-£30)

Hi, I'm recently moving back onto FurAffinity and bringing my comms with me!

I specialise in suits and kaijin, particularly in tokusatsu but I branch out to similar stuff! Do a lot of human stuff too!

My full portfolio is on my website, but my art is also on my FurAffinity to a less complete extent!


  • All payments are done via PayPal.
  • 25% deposit is made before I start, the rest is paid upon the sketch approval.
  • Exception in the case of writing commissions, in which case a draft will be shown when its 25% done and will be completed and edited only once full payment has been received.
  • Once the sketch is completed and approved, your deposit will be non-refundable.
  • Once work is completed, it is non-refundable.
  • Do not send money before commission has been accepted, payments are made through invoices.
  • You may not use commissions for profit without explicit permission from me. You can speak to me about it if you want to use them for profit.
I Will Not Draw;
  • Furries with snouts/muzzles
  • Ferals
  • Certain Closed Species (basically same rules as furries)
  • NSFW of underage characters or characters made to look underage
  • Watersports/Scat
  • Certain fandoms and fandom based ships (more information on my website)
  1. 2k Fic for Blitz
  2. Chibi for Manny
  3. 10 Chibis for Sheltie
  4. OPEN
  5. OPEN
Contact me here or;
Through my website contact page | Twitter
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